MLC understands the complex systems that school districts must balance in order to prioritize math teaching and learning. In an effort to manage this complexity, MLC partners with district leadership to apply systems thinking to solve complex problems by:

  • Rethinking problem solving: shift how the district approaches system-wide complex problems in math education.
  • Maximizing the system: utilizing a districts’ existing time, talent, effort, and dollars.
  • Defining the goal of the system: school district finds sustainable & adaptable solutions for increasing the number of students who are academically successful and are flexible and creative thinkers.

MLC uses mathematics as the vehicle for creating systems change in partnership with a school district. However, a district can select any teaching & learning content focus area as long as the complex problem lies within the instructional core and is student-focused.

A content area can be identified by considering where K-12 students are struggling to become adaptive/flexible thinkers, problem solvers, and self-regulated learners. Content areas can include, but are not limited to, Common Core Mathematics, Next Generation Science Standards, English Language Arts, History, Economics, Computer Science, etc.

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