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As Head of School, the opportunity to engage with Math Leadership Corps has provided me with guidance in leading meaningful change in math learning and teaching. Because MLC recognizes and differentiates roles of teachers, coaches, and school administration, I've been able to live out the practice of being "lead learner" in terms of math pedagogy, while embracing the structures, research, and knowledge offered to assist in leading staff forward. At times, given other school priorities, the mandate to improve math learning and teaching can feel demanding. This is, in part, because MLC aims to sustain change by engaging with stakeholders throughout the year in the form of problem solving meetings, instructional rounds, and defenses, among other activities. Ultimately, I know that in order to foment sustained change, this level of demand is not only necessary, but critical. Middle School Principal,
Los Angeles Metro area
MLC has pushed me to reexamine my teaching practices and given me a focus when collaborating with other teachers. My coach has been a tremendous resource and a great sounding board for working through problems and coming up with new ideas. 6th and 7th Grade Math Teacher,
Los Angeles Metro area

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